About Us

Posh Union was founded in early 2019 specializing in high quality silk screen printing and custom apparel design. We are a full service fashion manufacturing and printing company that aims to help bring your designs to life. We offer a wide range of services such as silk screen printing, embroidery, and logo design. 

Posh Union began in the back of an auto parts mechanic shop, where we printed garments day and night for our customers. In just a few short months of business we quickly outgrew the space and forced us to relocate to a new facility downtown Los Angeles. In our new location it allows our team to be available for clients to come in and see first hand where their garments are being created.

We are a small team who work collaboratively and diligently together to ensure we provide the best service and product you imagined. We are unlike most silk screen printing companies, because we print everything manually to guarantee the highest quality control and pay close attention to detail. This allows us to be very hands on with each piece and make sure you are completely satisfied with your order. Since we are printing everything manually it does take time to prepare, create and print the garment. At Posh Union we take pride in the work we create for our clients and want to continue to help build brands everywhere. 

Our mission 

Our mission at Posh Union is to help you through the whole process of creating your personal brand apparel. Here we offer the most competitive prices with only the best quality T-shirt screen printing and embroidery. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure we meet all of your fashion production needs. We want to make creating your brands a fun, memorable experience and hopefully create a long term relationship for your business.